All Saints Episcopal Church

Adult Spiritual Formation

All Saints' is blessed to have a number of outstanding teachers and mentors among us. Join us and you will be engaged and challenged with opportunities to deepen your spiritual praxis (practices) and knowledge. There is a wisdom tradition in Christianity that is deep, rich and exciting. Here is the place to find experienced guides for your journey of seeking in those places.

Sundays mornings in the library - visit us again for the fall schedule

Wisdom Class
Tuesdays 10:00 AM in the Library, led by Jan Hilton

Call Jan Hilton (361-779-3685) or email her at for more information about the current book study.

Contemplative Invitation Teaching & Christ Centered Prayer

Christ Centered Prayer practitioners observe regularly how much more powerful meditation in a group feels than meditation on one’s own. Fortunately, All Saints’ parishioner and friends have a number of opportunities through the week to meet with others and share the energy. The usual practice for each one-hour session is a 20- minute prayer period followed by a 40-minute discussion on a question or a topic from The Lessons. (If you do not have a copy of The Lessons, they are available for $25 each.)

All of these sessions are open and everyone is invited to any or all of the sessions through the week as you are able. If you are new to Christ Centered Prayer you will be instructed on this simple practice. See the calendar for a listing of current prayer circles.

EfM (Education for Ministry)

EfM is a four-year program of study that includes a survey of scripture, church history and theology. In addition, there is an opportunity for theological reflection -- listening for the voice and presence of God in the life of the world. Students commit to one year of study at a time in small classes with an experienced EfM mentor. There is a fee for this course and scholarships are available. Currently we have one EfM class on Tuesday afternoons. For more information about classes beginning each fall call the office at 855-6294.