All Saints Episcopal Church

The Rev. Jonathan Wickham

The Rev. Jonathan Wickham

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The Rev. Cynthia McKenna

The Rev. Cynthia McKenna
Associate Rector

email | (361)855-6294


Janine Canady
Director of Operations and Development

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Arlene Long
Director of Music

email | (361)855-6294

Connie Mullins
Director of Communications and Finance

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Gil Varela







Abby Wieland - "Musical Missionary" for children intern


Dorlly Espinosa, Nursery and Early Childhood Coordinator
Paula Hernandez
Brianna Calderon


Katie Gorman
Senior Warden

Juan Martinez
Junior Warden

Alice Berecka
Gayle Gottich
Jason Louis
John Otto
Bobbi Smith
Jim Tyree
John Wills

Vestry Support

Michael Briones - Treasurer

Gary Chatham - Finance Committee Chair

2020 Vestry

The Vestry is the governing body of an Episcopal Church, elected to represent the people of the Parish. At All Saints', our vestry is made up of twelve Parish members and the Rector. Each year four vestry members are nominated through a discernment process and then elected at the Annual Parish Meeting in September. They serve for a three-year term beginning in January after they have completed about 10 hours of training. The Senior Warden is appointed from the twelve by the rector each year in January and works closely with the Rector to provide leadership for the work of the Vestry In absence of a Rector, the Senior Warden assumes responsibility for the governance of the parish. The Junior Warden, who has responsibility for the building and grounds and other physical assets of the church, is elected by the Vestry. The rector also nominates/appoints the Treasurer and Chancellor to work with the Vestry as needed.

The Vestry meets monthly to discuss, reflect and take action on the many important aspects of Parish life. They also participate in a spring and fall weekend retreat for spiritual formation and planning. Each Vestry meeting begins with small group prayer time followed by a reading and reflection. Some meetings are set aside for group study. The parish is asked to bring their ideas and concerns to a member of the vestry so that it can be shared with the larger group during their meetings.

The Vestry is responsible for all church property and assets, approves the budget, and authorizes major expenditures. The Vestry calls (hires) the Rector, with the approval of the Bishop, and sets the Rector’s salary on the recommendation of the Vestry. The Rector, in turn, hires and supervises all other Clergy and church staff, and has canonical responsibility for the liturgy and worship programs of the Parish.

All Saints' is a church of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.