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Entering's Design Team:

  • Allan Johnson (leader)
  • John Otto
  • Pam McDowell
  • Jim Hawthorne
  • Rev. Rick Dunham
  • Joe Cecil
  • Gayle Gottlich
  • Janine Canady
  • Gary Chatham
  • Cindy Sullivan
  • Debbie Wingfield
  • Susannah Stearns


If you are new to the Episcopal Church, to All Saints, or have a spiritual longing for a deeper understanding of the Christian tradition and this particular community, this series was created just for you.


To enter is to move into new space, whether interior or exterior. We speak of entering a room, a relationship, a country, a community, a profession, a forest, a conversation, a contest, an agreement. Entering is not a passive activity; one must leave something behind and move into new territory in which awareness is expanded and consciousness is raised. It always involves some level of anxiety or anticipation.

Sometimes an entering process requires a letting go of all preconceptions—an actual emptying of the self. The fancy theological term for this state is kenosis—defined loosely as self-emptying, a clearing of internal space in order to give room for God. If you knew you were going to be transformed, would you choose to enter?

Suppose that the entering would be so profound as to bring an understanding that the reality you have been living is just the bare edge of what is—that the picture you have been looking at is, in fact, only the frame. Would you dare to enter, knowing that a powerful change in perspective were a very real possibility?

A conscious entering almost always requires a shift from certainty. We wonder if sometime during this series, we can invite you into something exciting: a new idea, a moment of revelation, an opening to yourself. That is our intention.

Sacred Space
Saturday, September 17, 9 am - noon

Tour the building of All Saints’ Church and encounter the beauty and harmony of our sacred spaces. more details...

The Story
Saturday, October 8, 9 am - noon

Trace the fascinating journey from the earliest followers of Christ to the formation of the Episcopal Church. more details...

The Word
Saturday, October 22, 9 am - noon

“Take off your shoes for you are standing on holy ground” (Exodus 3:5). With the help of our priest, Rev. Rick Dunham, we will enter the mystery of sacred words to encounter the Mystery that is the Word. more details...

The Community
Saturday, November 5, 9 am - noon

Investigate our liturgy and the Book of Common Prayer. Discover their origins, intentions, and traditions. more details...

The Sanctuary
Saturday, November 19, 9 am - noon

Wonder at the profundity of sacrament. more details...

The Conversation
Saturday, December 3, 9 am - noon

Learn some transformational practices of prayer and action that may bring you more deeply into relationship with God and with yourself. more details...

The World
Saturday, December 17, 9 am - noon

See the work and vision of All Saints’ as part of a large, complex world. more details...